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      2022 Primaries (Aug 2022) in the books... time to come together for November!!! 

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Congratulations to those who Won their Primary Elections (Election results via The FREEP: this cycle.

AND a major THANK YOU to those who felt the Calling (We saw so many more multiple choice races this cycle, where-as sometimes in the past we fell way short to even getting one person on many ballots (especially in Wayne County)) to Run but fell short.

NOW is the time to come together, as Michigan is a WEIRD STATE* and we cannot count on a RED WAVE NATIONALLY to necessarily help us Win our needed MI-US-House, MI-House, MI-Senate, MI-Gov, MI-SOS, MI-AG, and even County and Local level seats we must to MAKE MICHIGAN GREAT AGAIN and surge to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN in 2024.

* No Governor in the Term Limits era has EVER lost a re-election bid (some Termed out, but if on Ballot not lost - including the disaster Granholm). So Gretchen still has a 50/50 shot at re-election given Michigan's weird patterns of going back and forth, virtually every 8 years, between Dem and Rep Governors (two Terms each). AND the Governor usually has COAT-TAILS - so we have NOTHING IN THE BAG (including continued control of MI-House and/or MI-Senate) and we must battle in every Race as if 20 points down.

Tudor Dixon with MICD12GOP Chair.jfif

image: MIGOP MI-Gov Candidate Tudor Dixon with Michael the current (until 2023) MICD12GOP Chair.

------ THU OCT 6, 2022 UPDATE  ------ THU OCT 6, 2022 UPDATE  ------

Taking a look at the Michigan Governors Race, and likely down-ballot coattails....


I was at the Tudor Dixon appearance at WayneCountyVictoryCenter today - key takeaway (IMO good focus, apart of course from the actual issues): DON'T LISTEN TO #POLLS.* Lots supporting, silently, behind scenes, fearful due to VIOLENCE FROM LEFT to speak up, even Democrats support #TudorDixon for many reasons (esp: Schools, to STOP Radicalism, Raunch, and Racism (cRt) and want return to Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, and histoRy). Keep the Faith, and GOTV Nov 8 for Tudor for MIGov.

Just like 2020, SIGNS are not a priority, many would just be destroyed, otherwise vandalized, AND more importantly many just leftover as some supporters fear putting out due to Violent Left (as mentioned above). There were less signs for Trump in 2020 yet he yielded MILLIONS MORE VOTES (from silent supporters) and would have Won if not for the Voter Fraud in several States (including Michigan). Likewise probably true this cycle in Michigan. The only SIGN that matters (not on a Lawn) is the SIGN OF SUPPORT OF AN OFFICIAL VOTE CAST FOR OUR SIDE (in the booth)! Keep up the hard work, and the polls are probably off by a swing of 5 points, but WE CANNOT ACT like we are ahead but keep fighting as if we are 10 down and DO ALL TO ASSURE all our Voters #GOTV on Nov 8 TO WIN.


Likewise, we are putting a lot into down-ticket Races, and not just Congressional ones, but like for State Board of Education, as #MamaBears and #PapaBears all across the State saw during the Lockdown zooms how much manure rather than actual Educating was going on and are pissed and motivated to make changes - therefore those SBOE Races fundings and emphasis will have UP BALLOT VALUE (something not usually spoken about)!

* more - see:


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