Clubs (Local (S.E.MI) / MI-wide / National):

Not everyone can serve on an Official GOP Committee (there are only so many positions), nor attend all such meetings. GOP Clubs provide a great GRASSROOTS extension to the Party and opportunity for additional involvement and sources of information, activities, to help involve the Base - especially new folks to get their feet wet before potentially deciding to take the step to becoming an Official GOP Precinct Delegate (as discussed in W12NLv2021-2: and as discussed on MICD12GOP / TAKE ACTION / Become a Delegate page, and we should support their efforts.

TRC (Taylor Republicans Club):

This information compiled April 2021 - All Rights Reserved to Club, details may change without notice

While the TRC is "Taylor MI centric" it is open to any and all Conservatives / Republicans.


Each month the TRC invites a Speaker to speak on or to Political issues.


The TRC meets monthly on the 2nd Friday of each month, with the exception of the months of May, July, and August, and December is annual Christmas Party in lieu of Regular meeting.

TRC used to meet at the Denny's on Eureka Road in Taylor, but due to WuhanVirus Lockdown and Restrictions on Businesses by Michigan Governor Whitmer, has had to find new meeting locations these past few months. Feb TRC met at Logan's Steakhouse in Southgate, March (and will again in April (and likely here-after)) at Leon's on Telegraph Rd (north bound side, just north of Wick Rd) in Taylor, but it is yet to be determined which location may become the new, or may be able to return to the Denny's soon for, long-term and predictable/reliable/on-going meeting location.

To be placed on the TRC email notifications list, to remain up to date with announcements of each months meeting location email Chair Mary Vaughn at:


An Assembly is as good as its members.  WE would love to have your participation.
Please invite others to join, LET’S ROLL. 



Clubs pages republished with persmission from Wayne-12CDRC Newsletter 2021-4 (Apr 2021) Edition:

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