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Clubs (Local (S.E.MI) / MI-wide / National):

Not everyone can serve on an Official GOP Committee (there are only so many positions), nor attend all such meetings. GOP Clubs provide a great GRASSROOTS extension to the Party and opportunity for additional involvement and sources of information, activities, to help involve the Base - especially new folks to get their feet wet before potentially deciding to take the step to becoming an Official GOP Precinct Delegate (as discussed in W12NLv2021-2: and as discussed on MICD12GOP / TAKE ACTION / Become a Delegate page, and we should support their efforts.

WCC (Washtenaw Conservatives Club):

This information compiled Aug 2021 - All Rights Reserved to Club, details may change without notice

A weekly one-hour open meeting to share, socialize, and plan and prepare for Washtenaw County Republicans grassroots leadership outreach operations. Or join us online at:

Heritage Hall
9045 Austin Road

Meets weekly, Tuesdays at 6:30 pm


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