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Brandon Straka

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GOP values:

Brandon Straka, founder of the Walk Away from Democrats movement, explains why many, including many in the LGBT Community (him being a Gay man himself) #WalkAway!

(more/related - see:

               image: Washington Times

 (note: individual opinions expressed may or may not reflect that of the MICD12GOP but only of the individual listed as author and presented as "sampling" of the thoughts of key/prominent Conservative/Republican advocates)  

It should NOT matter, and it does NOT to Republicans that have Welcomed with open-arms Tammy Bruce, Brandon, Dave Rubin, more, from the LGBT Community to the GOP - HOWEVER, I/we only add the additional information below because The Left / Democrats endlessly try to play what is known as #IdentityPolitics where they try to divide everyone into sub-groups to try and pit them (via Emotional hyperbole) against others and exploit them for their Vote....

For those in the LGBT Community...
more/related - see: #PrideMonth (#GayPrideMonth): Some in #LGBTQ community ask: "Where is the REAL #HATE?" #WORDS vs #ACTIONS / #DEEDS!

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