GOP values:

Republican values in Music / Song

A wide and varying range of Artists and Music that speak to/for Younger Generations (like Disturbed, Bryson Gray, Tom MacDonald, Topher, more (and some sub-linked/related "Reaction videos" the new Mellennials trend)), some speaking of/by/to/for Older Generations (James Brown, Johnny Cash, Rick Derringer, Marty Robbins, more), and hopefully something for everyone in-between (with Country, Pop, Rap, Rock, Traditional Tunes, etc...).

Charlie Daniels: Take Back The USA
Whitney Houston: Star Spangled Banner
Lee Greenwood: God Bless the USA
Tom MacDonald: SNOWFLAKES (Hot/new, June 2021 drop)

see too: KING BLITZ reacts to SNOWFLAKES video
also: AllthingZMasOn (teen) reacts with his Dad to SNOWFLAKES!
The Officer Tatum FACTS: Tom's SNOWFLAKES hits 1M in 6Hrs.
In modern terms: TOM #BROKETHEINTERNET again, there now needs to be a new Term for even bigger than #VIRAL!!!

Lonestar: Let Them Be Little
Kevin Davison: Tribute to First Responders
Madison Rising: God Bless America
Topher: Facts Are Racist (featuring Bryson Gray)
[Reactions by GOTHIX along the way, laying down more Facts (that indeed are NOT RACIST)]
[Songs and Reactions like this are countering the BLM False-narratives - #BLEXIT to Reality]

related Video referred to here-in - Are People ready to talk about Race Hustlers?
Topher "Facts are Racist" uninterrupted/uneditted:

Charlotte Ave: American Medley
Mercy Me: I Can Only Imagine
Tom MacDonald: Politically Incorrect
Disturbed: Open Your Eyes
Toby Keith: Made In America
Celtic Woman: O, America
Eric Church: The Outsiders 
(we MICD12GOP, are Conservative first and foremost - taking on the Left and even rattling the Gates outside the Establishment GOP Mansion Black-tie Party Affairs)
Billy Ray Cyrus: Some Gave All
Marty Robbins: Aint I Right
Topher: The Patriot (featuring: The Marine Rapper)
Rick Derringer: Real American
Bryson Gray: Gun Totin' Patriot
Traditional: God Bless America
Damn Yankees: Don't Tread On Me (TEA Party anthem)
Johnny Cash: Ragged Old Flag
Triumph: Fight the Good Fight
Lynyrd Skynyrd: That Ain't My America
Traditional: National Anthem (USA)
Traditional: Yankee Doodle
Traditional: My Country Tis of Thee
Bryson Gray: Hate Speech
James Brown: Living in America
Asia: Days Like These
Dana Kamide: United We Rise, We're American
Tom MacDonald: (they so) Fake Woke

related Video: Asia & BJ react/breakdown FAKE WOKE song/Video - see:
and the Justin & Staci TV breaks the Internet reacting to the controversial Tom MacDonald WHITEBOY video - see:
and 2 Black men react to the notion of "Cultural Appropriation" and Tom's "Culture Vulture" vide - see:
PlayboiKelo reacts to PEOPLE SO STUPID:
as well as Brad & Lex feelin' Tom:

Kid Rock: All Summer Long (Michigan Anthem)
Lynyrd Skynyrd: God and Guns
Tom MacDonald: No Lives Matter (response to Black Lying Marxists group)

related video: Justin and TV Staci reacts/breaksdown the NO LIVES MATTER tune - see:

Chainsmokers w/ Kygo: (Friends, our extended) Family
Martina McBride: Blessed
Jamie O'Neil: Somebody's Hero (ode to Mothers)
I Fought For You
Topher: Circle Back (the Jen Psaki shuffle)
Gene Simmons: on America
Star Spangled Banner - as you've never heard it before
Tom MacDonald: Culture Vulture
("Cultural Appropriation" and other Marxist "Pathetical Corruptness" constructs)

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