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GOP values:

Republican values in Music / Song

A wide and varying range of Artists and Music that speak to/for Younger Generations (like Disturbed, Bryson Gray, Tom MacDonald, Topher, more (and some sub-linked/related "Reaction videos" the new Mellennials trend)), some speaking of/by/to/for Older Generations (James Brown, Johnny Cash, Rick Derringer, Marty Robbins, more), and hopefully something for everyone in-between (with Country, Pop, Rap, Rock, Traditional Tunes, etc...).

 (note: individual concepts expressed in music here-in may or may not reflect that of MICD12GOP but only of the individual listed as author / artist and presented as "sampling" of the thoughts of key/prominent Conservative/Republican advocates or some non-Republicans that reflect same sentiments as that expressed by other Conservatives / Republicans in GOP Values in Speeches or elsewhere)  

also NOTE: below is a collection of Videos linked at/to/via YouTube provided as-is, All Rights Reserved to original Artist(s).

Tom MacDonald - Us Against the World 
we are the Rebellion vs FASCICRATS' (Deep State, and even far too many CINOs'/RINOs') agenda
Charlie Daniels: Take Back The USA
Whitney Houston: Star Spangled Banner
Lee Greenwood: God Bless the USA
Tom MacDonald: SNOWFLAKES (Hot/new, June 2021 drop)

related videos (warning explicit language in some reactions videos):
AllthingZMasOn (teen) reacts with his Dad to SNOWFLAKES!
The Officer Tatum FACTS: Tom's SNOWFLAKES hits 1M in 6Hrs.
In modern terms: TOM #BROKETHEINTERNET again, there now needs to be a new Term for even bigger than #VIRAL like #LETHAL!


Tim McGraw: Humble and Kind
Aaron Lewis: Am I The Only One?
Aaron also calls out SNOWFLAKES (Hot/new, July 2021)

Heading 4

Lonestar: Let Them Be Little

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Kevin Davison: Tribute to First Responders
Madison Rising: God Bless America
Topher: Facts Are Racist (featuring Bryson Gray)
[Reactions by GOTHIX along the way, laying down more Facts (that indeed are NOT RACIST)]
[Songs and Reactions like this are countering the BLM False-narratives - #BLEXIT to Reality]

related Video referred to here-in - Are People ready to talk about Race Hustlers?
Topher "Facts are Racist" uninterrupted/explicit:

Charlotte Ave: American Medley
Mercy Me: I Can Only Imagine
Tom MacDonald: Politically Incorrect
Disturbed: Open Your Eyes
Toby Keith: Made In America
Celtic Woman: O, America
Eric Church: The Outsiders 
(we MICD12GOP, are Conservative first and foremost - taking on the Left and even rattling the Gates outside the Establishment GOP Mansion Black-tie Party Affairs)
Billy Ray Cyrus: Some Gave All
Marty Robbins: Aint I Right
Topher: The Patriot (featuring: The Marine Rapper)

Is it bad to be Patriotic? 
reaction by Brad and Lex:

Rick Derringer: Real American
Bryson Gray: Gun Totin' Patriot
Traditional: God Bless America
Damn Yankees: Don't Tread On Me (TEA Party anthem)
Johnny Cash: Ragged Old Flag
Triumph: Fight the Good Fight
Lynyrd Skynyrd: That Ain't My America
Traditional: National Anthem (USA)
Traditional: Yankee Doodle
Traditional: My Country Tis of Thee
Bryson Gray: Hate Speech
James Brown: Living in America
Asia: Days Like These
Dana Kamide: United We Rise, We're American
Tom MacDonald: (they so) Fake Woke

related Videos (warning explicit language in some reactions videos):
1st Just Jen highlights TRUTH in Tom's DUMMIES:
Asia & BJ react/breakdown FAKE WOKE:
the Justin & Staci TV breaks the Internet reacting to the controversial Tom MacDonald WHITEBOY video - see:
and 2 Black men react to the notion of "Cultural Appropriation" and Tom's "CULTURE VULTURE" video - see:
PlayboiKelo reacts to PEOPLE SO STUPID:
G&T Reactions to DUMMIES
as well as Brad & Lex feelin' Tom:
[Aug. 2021 update FakeWoke2/update BRAINWASHED:


Kid Rock: All Summer Long (Michigan Anthem)

Kid Rock - Don't Tell Me How To Live (Official Video) - ft. Monster Truck has very explicit and repetitive explicit language and gestures, therefore we will NOT be embedding it here but you  can see it via YouTube at:

Ted Nugent - Come And Take It
Lynyrd Skynyrd: God and Guns
Tom MacDonald: No Lives Matter (response to Black Lying Marxists group)

related video: Justin and TV Staci reacts/breaksdown the NO LIVES MATTER tune - see:

Chainsmokers w/ Kygo: (Friends, our extended) Family
Martina McBride: Blessed
Jamie O'Neil: Somebody's Hero (ode to Mothers)
I Fought For You
Topher: Circle Back (the Jen Psaki shuffle)
Gene Simmons: on America
Heading 5
Star Spangled Banner - as you've never heard it before
Tom MacDonald: Culture Vulture
("Cultural Appropriation" and other Marxist "Pathetical Corruptness" constructs)

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Rick Springfield: KARMA
(Every bit of LOVE that I give to another... It comes back to me!)
Tom MacDonald: Heroes
Tribute to 1st Responders, and more... Includes all the Blue Collar Americans that go to work every day and make the USA hum.

Saved the most blunt, forthright, and uncompromising, and what should NOT be controversial but is, of all the Tom Mac tunes, for last...

Tom MacDonald: Dummies
("Pathetical Corruptness" destroyed - pulls the TRIGGER on every PC Target)

related videos (warning explicit language in some reactions videos)...
each and every single one of these reactions has important/different points...

Just Jen
Brad and Lex (clean):
Call me KINFOLK:
G&T Reactions:
Doc Rich
Father/Son team AllthingZMa0n is back (clean):
(also AllthingZMa0n do BRAINWASHED (clean):
Flawdzilla says Tom "is a facts machine:"
an aside Gothix breaks BRAINWASHED (clean):


Champlin (featuring Marine Rapper): Dear Kyle
(Dear CNN, MSNBC, and the rest #ENEMEdia - your False Narritve offically DEAD)
Mjhanks (featuring Topher and The Marine Rapper): I Left My Home 
(GOD BLESS YOU to all our US Troops - Freedom isn't Free)

Start, or join, a Discussion on this or any other Topic/Issue in the MICD12GOP forum!

And, an aside, the LEFT will never, EVER, give up with their RaceBaiting FalseNarratives of calling us RACISTS... Do NOT let that stop you, in fact it should incense you to want to FIGHT BACK EVEN HARDER - see:

ACT: Become a Delegate...


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