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      April 2021 

Report from MI12CDGOP April 22, 2021 Meeting

MICD12GOP Demands Action from Lansing on Election Integrity and Accountability

Michigan's 12th Congressional District Republican Committee April meeting: adopted several Resolutions. Solidarity with other Districts who passed similar Resolutions that demand MIGOP take actions. ELECTION INTEGRITY & ACCOUNTABILITY Resolution (outlined below) puts us in solidarity with Antrim County, ground zero in Dominion Voting Systems concerns fight, Resolves: irregularities MUST BE ADDRESSED, change Mich. Law where required, and Prosecution of those who broke existing Mich. Election Laws. Further, two other Resolutions, calls upon MIGOP to make clear while we may have differences of opinion/policy on some issues, can never be a/in question that the GOP, specifically here the MIGOP, is the Party of THE CONSTITUTION, DUE PROCESS, & RULE OF LAW, that Elected GOP Representatives that partake in actions outside the bounds of the Constitution will be held to account.

Resolution of the Executive Committee and Officers of
Michigan’s 12th Congressional District Republican Party

Passed On 22 April 2021


WHEREAS the Michigan’s 12th Congressional District Republican Committee believes that unity and healing can only occur in our nation if the most cherished and essential of all rights is protected; specifically, the right to free, fair and transparent elections, and

WHEREAS a significant number of Americans have both a long-standing concern and newly escalated doubt as to the integrity of American elections, and

WHEREAS it is critical to the continued allegiance and patriotism of large numbers of American citizens to uphold the integrity of American elections, and

WHEREAS it is critical to international relationships American elections be highly respected for their integrity, and

WHEREAS it is critical to national security that there is no foreign intervention in American elections, and

WHEREAS the members of the Michigan’s 12th Congressional District Republican Committee and many citizens of our county believe that certain elected officials in the State of Michigan illegally usurped the power of the State Legislature to determine the manner and the conduct of elections, as prescribed by Article I, Section IV of The United States Constitution, by unilaterally changing election laws without approval of the Legislature, and

WHEREAS many elected Representatives and Senators of the Michigan Legislature have refused to pursue the enforcement of our election laws, to hold the Secretary of State, Attorney General, Governor and State and Local Election Officials accountable for their lawlessness, and

WHEREAS credible reports of improper activities occurred at the Detroit/Wayne Absentee Vote Counting Board (AVCB) at the TCF Center in Detroit, on the evening of November 3rd, 2020 and during the morning hours of November 4th, 2020; specifically (but not limited to) the unexplained stoppage of vote counting; removal and exclusion of minority party Poll Watchers; lack of the required number of paid minority party election officials; eyewitness accounts of questionable truckloads of ballots being brought into the facility and processed in an area where minority party members were excluded; ballots transported into the facility in unsecured and unapproved containers; broken chains of custody for ballots; voting systems connected to communications networks in violation of the SAFE Act (; illegal connection of voting systems to the internet; repetitious rescanning of ballots; data entry into the Qualified Voter File by outside Political Party organizations; use of COVID excuses to restrict access of qualified Official Minority Party Poll Watchers; to name but a few observed illegal activities, and

WHEREAS the margin of victory in the Presidential election in Michigan was 154,188 and the margin of victory for the Senate race was 92,335, small enough for even minor election fraud to have made a material impact, and

WHEREAS voting systems such as Dominion, ES&S, Smartmatic and others store “ballot images” which are scanned from the original paper ballot when it is processed through the tabulator, and

WHEREAS these original ballot images are replaced with new machine generated images when a ballot is adjudicated, and there is no accountability after the ballot is electronically adjudicated; i.e., no ballot image of the original ballot, no record of who adjudicated the ballot; no explanation of what was changed on the ballot, and

WHEREAS Dominion Voting Systems in Antrim County exhibited adjudication rates thousands of times higher than allowed by federal law (over 68%) and the adjudication logs for the 2020 election were missing from all Antrim County Dominion Systems, while previous adjudication logs from prior elections remained, and

WHEREAS the only way to determine what actual voter intent was, once these ballots are adjudicated, is to perform a thorough Forensic Analysis of all the physical paper ballots as completed by voters, and

WHEREAS many absentee ballots were in pristine condition though absentee ballots should exhibit signs of human handling, marking, and folding for mailing, and there should be no pristine unfolded ballots, or ballots completed by machine, and

WHEREAS the physical paper ballot is itself a piece of computer code, that defines the “landscape” of the ballot; i.e., where each bubble is located, and what a mark in that bubble means, such as a vote for a specific candidate or ballot issue; and that the landscape of the ballot as encoded on the ballot is not readable by a human merely looking at ballots therefore this is not an acceptable Forensic Examination of the ballots.

THEREFORE IT IS RESOLVED that the Michigan’s 12th Congressional District Republican Committee demands that our Michigan State Legislators, in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, subpoena 100% of all the physical paper ballots processed at the TCF Center AVCB for Detroit and Wayne Counties, for the November 3, 2020 Election, and all ballots state-wide or of randomly selected precincts state-wide, for the purpose of a comprehensive Forensic Examination and Analysis of all physical characteristics of these ballots, to determine if there are any counterfeit ballots, ballots that were improperly marked by machine, ballots that were improperly coded or have their coding blocks misaligned so as to cause rejection by tabulation systems, and subsequent manual adjudication, and to compare manually adjudicated ballots to ballot images recorded on tabulation systems to determine if nefarious activities occurred in the adjudication process.

IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED that the Michigan’s 12th Congressional District Republican Committee, having faithfully supported our elected officials while they were running for election, will not support any Legislator in future elections, who will not take steps to hold accountable to the law, the Michigan Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and any State or local Election Officials who broke Michigan Election Law by taking unilateral action to change the manner of conducting elections in our State, without the approval of the State Legislature or who willfully violated any law in the conduct of administering the November 3, 2020 election.

Approved by Michigan’s 12th Congressional District Republican Committee on 22 April 2021.

Michael Strother
– Chairman Michigan’s 12th Congressional District Republican Committee

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