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.      May 9, 2021 

Update on ReDistricting
(courtesy: Stu Foster (MIGOP))

As many of you know, new political boundaries will be drawn for our elections in 2022 by an Independent Redistricting Commission. This is a new process for all of us and it is important that we all get engaged.

As part of this process there will be a series of open forums throughout the coming months, all across the state. These forums will serve as a way for the public to make comments and suggestions to the commission regarding district lines for their area.

The first public forum is happening May 11th and will continue through the beginning of July.

We need our stakeholders to participate in these forums and I am asking you to get involved in this extremely important process. We need to make sure that the commission is hearing from all of us as they tackle the critically important task of drawing fair lines for our district.

I have created a google form for people to officially sign up to participate. You can do so by attending in person (our preferred course of action as the Commission will be giving speaking preference to those who are in attendance) or by written comment. There is a feature in the google form that will allow you to decide which option works best for you.

You can sign up for one of the following forums by clicking on the link below:

You do not have to live in the area to participate. In fact, fact we encourage this.

We will be holding informal zoom meetings to discuss these forums on over the coming weeks and answer any questions you might have. Once you have signed up on the Google form, we will give you more details on the Zoom meeting (These zoom links we will be sent to you on the day of the trainings.  You can also participate in multiple trainings.

Training Schedule: 

Monday, May 10th (8:00 pm): 


Tuesday, May 18th (5:30 pm):


Monday, May 24th (8:00 pm): 


Tuesday, June 1st (5:30 pm): 


Tuesday, June 15th (5:30 pm): 

This process is extremely important and are the only way we can have an impact is by showing up and making sure our voices are heard, so I implore you to sign up!

Thank you so much,

Stuart Foster


REDISTRICTING NOTE: The MICD12 likely to mostly be part of NEW MICD07 (All District numbers change).

Likely key cities previously part of 12th not likely to remain with bulk of cities above into NEW MICD07 are: Allen Park, Dearborn, Lincoln Park, Taylor (and potentially Southgate and Wyandotte, depending on potential Map that becomes FINAL MAP).

Likely key area(s) added to NEW MICD07: areas West of Ann Arbor to Grass Lake, up from AA toward S. Lyon, down toward/past Saline (just north of Clinton).

more - see:

Therefore you may wish to join a few more/new Clubs that are currently part of another District, that you may soon be merged into/with, in order to NETWORK and get to know your new/fellow District Delegates before, for once, they officially change.  see: for listings.

Start, or join, a Discussion on this or any other Topic/Issue in the MICD12GOP forum!

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