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Congressional District

2022 Precinct Delegate 
Affidavit below.

Why Conservatives MUST become Precinct Delegate?
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The 2022 Precinct Delegate Affidavit is now available, but best to not file until Jan/Feb 2022 (and many Districts will hold sign-up Parties) when they are used to receiving, handling, processing them…

Print form online: https://www.michigan.gov/documents/Aff-ID_Precnt_139901_7.pdf


Want to know more? MI-SOS Delegate Guide

Why you should be a Delegate: drewmckissick.com/why-conservatives-should-get-involved...
MIGOP (2013) Precinct Delegate guide (archived): dropbox.com/PrecinctDelegateManual-2.3-2013
MIGOP (Coalitions ViceChair) 2021 Delegates overview/training (archived): dropbox.com/PDTraining
P.D. Training ZOOM session Chat saved text (archived): dropbox.com/PDZoomTrainingSavedChat

Register to Vote form: michigan.gov/documents/MIVoterRegistration pdf
Application to become Election Inspector (Poll Worker): michigan.gov/documents/Elec_Inspec-Appl


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