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Why Conservatives MUST become Precinct Delegate?
see here:

The 2022 Precinct Delegate Affidavit is now available, but best to not file until Jan/Feb 2022 (and many Districts will hold sign-up Parties) when they are used to receiving, handling, processing them…

Print form (outlined below) online: https://www.michigan.gov/documents/Aff-ID_Precnt_139901_7.pdf


Want to know more? MI-SOS Delegate Guide

Why you should be a Delegate: drewmckissick.com/why-conservatives-should-get-involved...


MIGOP (2013) Delegate guide (archived): dropbox.com/PrecinctDelegateManual-2.3-2013
MIGOP (Coalitions ViceChair) 2021 PD overview/training (archived): dropbox.com/PDTraining
P.D. Training ZOOM session Chat saved text (archived): dropbox.com/PDZoomTrainingSavedChat
Why Christians/Jews should be GOP Delegates sub-section further down page.

Convincing people to STOP screaming from the Bleachers, and get in the game - if you/they are not involved weekly, monthly, year-round, you cannot make a difference, and will continue to make no difference: 
(WAAM Radio (ART (Sat's 9a) Show) AUDIO file here)

Do you know anyone still not Registered to Vote yet?? Register to Vote  Application form (share with them): michigan.gov/documents/MichiganVoterRegistrationApplicationForm pdf

STOP THE STEAL, be at the Polling Station Table: Application to become Election Inspector (Poll Worker): michigan.gov/documents/Election-Inspector-Worker_Application


If you are already a Precinct Delegate, here are some actions...
* Precinct plan: https://rescuemichigan.com/precinct.php
* How to win Elections at Precinct level (guide):   dropbox/PrecinctActionCourse-HowToWinElections-DelegateHandbook.pdf
* Get your Districts Voter-list: https://rescuemichigan.com/vquery.php
* Call center: https://rescuemichigan.com/call.php

(courtesy our Friend Adam at Rescue Michigan)
* Additional Delegate Resources: http://miprecinctfirst.com

Looking to Contact Legislators? State of Michigan listings


Above PRECINCT DELEGATE AFFIDAVIT and other related (Register to Vote, Poll Inspector Application) forms on this Page relate to any/all Counties/Districts in Michigan. For list of Washtenaw and/or Wayne County Communities (see if you are in the MICD12) that comprise our District - see: ABOUT US Page.

Regardless of what District you are currently in, or will be following ReDistricting (see more on that at: https://www.12cdrc.org/forum/redistricting-discussion/first-look-at-new-s-e-michigan-district-maps) you need to be a Delegate if at all possible.


Not everyone can serve on an Official GOP Committee (there are only so many positions), nor attend all such meetings, nor may obtain a Convention slot (in Districts with alot of Delegates, and assigns Convention Delegates via apportionment). GOP Clubs provide a great GRASSROOTS extension to the Party (or, pressure upon the GOP to take make requested changes and/or take desired actions) and opportunity for additional involvement and sources of information, activities, to help involve the Base - and while we want to encourage people to become Precinct Delegates Club membership and activity may be a good/better starting point for new folks looking to get their feet wet, learns the ropes, interact and Network, before potentially deciding to take the step to becoming an Official GOP Precinct Delegate. See: http://12cdrc.org/clubs page for more.

Do you know someone NOT... 
Registered to Vote?
A Precinct Delegate?
Applied to be a POLL INSPECTOR?!?!

If you or someone you know needs the Form(s) for upcoming 2022 Elections for/to...
... please refer them to this (https://www.12cdrc.org/micd12gop-take-action-as-a-delegate) page for form or access link to forms

This sub-section only relates to fellow Christians and/or fellow Jews...
Why you, as a person of Faith, MUST be a GOP Delegate... 


(AUDIO) OAK Conference (Sat. Sep. 11, 2021 (Jackson Michigan)) - Religious Founding of America - Kristina  Karamo (2022 MIGOP MI-SOS Primary Candidate)
(hear additional OAK Conference speeches in: https://www.12cdrc.org/gop-values-speeches)

Written form...
Q: Are we doomed? NO, 2Chronicles714 says to Pray, but we have FREE WILL and must also take actions as a Citizen under Romans...
(aka: http://tinyurl.com/2Chronicles714For2022)

and related: http://tinyurl.com/SomeTwistJesusWords
see too: http://JesusIsInvolvedInPolitics.com (by Neil Mammen)
Neil Mammen on  WAAM https://www.dropbox.com/s/iy9sewwny3bi925/WAAM-MomentOfClarity-NeilMammen-Sat10172020.mp3?dl=0
hear too (Vote Biblically/Morally) Show (AUDIO): https://www.dropbox.com/s/r1tnqb14qc6uyp6/WAAM-MomentOfClarity-VoteBiblicallyAndMorallyShow.mp3?dl=0



A/any STRAW POLL is NON-Scientific vs a Standard Poll conducted by research firms under controlled "RANDOM SAMPLING" and selected "SCIENTIFIC SAMPLE SIZE" and merely a very SMALL SNAPSHOT of gathering/group of people participating in such and DOES NOT constitute any Endorsement of/by said organization conducting Straw Poll (for Guests sampling only).

This was a TOP 3, non-weighted, Poll (all Votes count equally, vs weighted/RANKED Poll)

Any claims of support by any Candidate based upon ANY Straw Poll should be taken advisedly.

See speeches from Ron DeSantis, Kristi Noem, and POTUS45 in MICD12GOP "GOP Values in Speeches" page: https://www.12cdrc.org/gop-values-speeches


REDISTRICTING NOTE: The MICD12 likely to mostly be part of NEW MICD07 (All District numbers change).

Likely key cities previously part of 12th not likely to remain with bulk of cities above into NEW MICD07 are: Allen Park, Dearborn, Lincoln Park, Taylor (and potentially Southgate and Wyandotte, depending on potential Map that becomes FINAL MAP).

Likely key area(s) added to NEW MICD07: areas West of Ann Arbor to Grass Lake, up from AA toward S. Lyon, down toward/past Saline (just north of Clinton).

more - see: https://www.12cdrc.org/forum/redistricting-discussion/first-look-at-new-s-e-michigan-district-maps

Therefore you may wish to join a few more/new Clubs that are currently part of another District, that you may soon be merged into/with, in order to NETWORK and get to know your new/fellow District Delegates before, for once, they officially change.  see: http://12cdrc.org/clubs for listings.

Start, or join, a Discussion on this/these or any other Topic(s)/Issue(s) in the MICD12GOP forum!

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