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      May 31, 2021 

RIP Fallen Heroes

Please recall that this weekend and Monday specifically is for a SOMBER DAY OF REMEMBRANCE for those who paid the ultimate price, gave their Lives, in order to PRESERVE FREEDOM that you are still experiencing this weekend with Family and Friends, while so many in our Nation try to tear it down. You must HONOR THEM not only in Prayer but in deeds to Fight those eroding our Rights in USA!

Additional Memorial Day commentary: B4IN Memorial Day
Audio/listen: WAAM "Your American Heritage" Memorial Show
and see: W12Newsletter2021-5

Freedom is never but one Generation away from extinction!

How many you know would give up a multi-Million dollar career for Combat Boots?
The Left hates Patriotic Americans, they try to tear down Hero Pat Tillman who gave up a multi-Million dollar career to signup for Military Service following 9/11, but somehow to The Left the fact that Tillman was killed by Friendly Fire discredits his heroism. It does NOT!

SIGN PETITION: Demand #NFL HONOR #HERO and Retire #PatTillman’s #40 League-Wide:


Sadly, we will NOT be celebrating these #SEALS and #NAVY Personnel #ArmedForcesDay2021 or #VeteransDay2021, but instead had to mourn them on #MemorialDay

#Extortion17 #BidenIsDangerous #Traitor

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