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Updated: May 19, 2021

23, D/DH-RC, DRGO, more… Sadly, we have lost so many… I had reached out to so many organizations while in the process of putting this Edition together and discovered a few had officially DISBANDED and still others (down Monroe County way, and upper Wayne County, as well as Washtenaw County) that I just never heard anything back from (they too may be gone) or just did not have sufficient information to include here-in. We lost DOWNRIVER REPUBLICAN GRASSROOTS ORGANIZATION (Trenton MI, founded way back in the 1980's) many years back, which my reminiscing the other day about them and wondering what I could have possibly done to help prevent it is impetus to creating this Edition. Sadly too, it was reported back, that the 23REPUBLICANSCLUB (Washtenaw County ("23" in reference to US23 Ann Arbor area)) went under in 2012. The Dearborn / Dearborn Heights R.C., just recently officially disbanded its PAC operation/function and is still in the process of contemplating how to move forward, if it moves forward at all. I was hoping to help Club's, to build up, as sadly the State Party provides no recognition and/or assistance.

Not everyone can serve on an Official GOP Committee (there are only so many positions), nor attend all such meetings. GOP Clubs provide a great GRASSROOTS extension to the Party and opportunity for additional involvement and sources of information, activities, to help involve the Base - especially new folks to get their feet wet before potentially deciding to take the step to becoming an Official GOP Precinct Delegate (as discussed in W12NLv2021-2: and we should support their efforts. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taylor Republican Club (TRC) While the TRC is "Taylor MI centric" it is open to any and all Conservatives / Republicans.

Each month the TRC invites an Speaker to speak on or to Political issues.

The TRC meets monthly on the 2nd Friday of each month, with the exception of the months of May, July, and August. TRC used to meet at the Denny's on Eureka Road in Taylor, but due to WuhanVirus Lockdown and Restrictions on Businesses by Michigan Governor Whitmer, has had to find new meeting locations these past few months. Feb TRC met at Logan's Steakhouse in Southgate, March (and will again in April*) at Leon's on Telegraph Rd (north bound side, just north of Wick Rd) in Taylor, but it is yet to be determined which location may become the new, or may be able to return to the Denny's soon for, long-term and predictable/reliable/on-going meeting location. To be placed on the TRC email notifications list, to remain up to date with announcements of each months meeting location email Chair Mary Vaughn at:

An Assembly is as good as its members. WE would love to have your participation. Please invite others to join, LET’S ROLL. * Due to scheduling conflicts, April meeting will be Apr. 30 rather than regular 2nd Friday. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Election Integrity Network (Tami Carlone (MRP Coalitions Vice-Chair)) Announcing the Michigan Election Integrity Network!

What does a state-wide elected party leader that is a CPA and Process Improvement Expert do to help with the most critical issue facing us? She builds a Network that everybody working on Election Integrity issues in the state can join, so we can all be more efficient and effective in our work! The Network will work to define and meet state-wide goals. The goals will be a stated list of holes in our election system that must be filled. We will work to make sure somebody is addressing each issue. If you are working on an election integrity initiative, I encourage you to sign up to take part in this Network. All you have to do is send me your group name (if applicable), and the lead person’s name, cell, email, county and city. All of this, plus a brief description of the effort, can be e-mailed to

The Network already has about 50 members, many of which are groups. This is a great sign as it is only a few weeks old. This should give Republicans in our state hope to know we have so many people that are NOT letting this issue go! NONE of us should let this issue go and we should all be working on this.

The Network also has a separate list of people that have stepped up to help as needed.This is called the Election Integrity (EI) Army.Groups and people that are working on EI initiatives will need a lot of help over the next two years.As one of the goals of the Network is to find synergies and efficiencies among the various EI efforts, this is just one way to achieve that goal.I encourage everybody to sign up right away as 2022 will be here in the blink of an eye and we have no time to waste.To sign up to be part of the EI Army, to be called upon to help EI initiatives, please e-mail me at must have your name, cell, email, county, and city.If you have any special skills to bring to the table, please mention those as well.You can also help by sending other people my way. The Network is NOT to replace or to take over anything anybody is doing. No way! We need everybody focused and working hard. It is to enhance all efforts in Michigan. In addition to the above stated goals, the Network will be a “place” to communicate and coordinate, learn, get and provide encouragement, and to share resources.

Please watch the Michigan Conservative Union website for registration information for MI CPAC. This annual conference will be held in Lansing on April 16 and 17 this year and it is a MUST attend. The ticket prices are low to enable people to come despite this crazy year MI has had. We will have an Election Integrity workshop on Friday. Everybody in the Network is especially encouraged to attend to learn and to network. Friday after the workshop we will have plenty of time to socialize and to build relationships. Saturday, we are covering some critical issues facing our state and nation, such as education. The Republican Party has basically signed its SUICIDE NOTE by allowing our children to be indoctrinated by the left for generations. We now have a population that hates America and is now being taught to hate white people too. Folks – this is a NATIONAL SECURTY THREAT.

Matt DiPerno will speak on Saturday about the Antrim County case he is working on, and I will talk about the Network. We will take questions after we speak. I am the person that crunched the numbers AFTER the obvious “errors” from the Dominion machines were fixed. I told Antrim County conservative leadership that they MUST push hard for an independent forensic audit as there is NO way their numbers are accurate. Up to that point – nothing was moving.

Antrim was one of three counties I did a statistical analysis of. They are a good example to use because they are small, and they are a consistent Republican majority county. I did Wayne County as they have kept me from the State Board of Education in 2020 and in 2018, after winning the rest of the state by far on election day. Some of you may recall my doing a statistical analysis of Wayne County in 2018 and presenting proof of election fraud to the Wayne Board of Canvassers and asking them to NOT CERTIFY the election results. They went right ahead and certified without even hearing me out. I did Oakland County as I lived there for 30 years and have watched it go from a Republican Powerhouse to the Democrats nudging us right out. I encourage all county leadership in MI to crunch their county election numbers and to also conduct a comparative year’s analysis.

· So – was there fraud and were election laws violated? 100% YES! There was in 2018 as well. 100%

· What must we each do about it? TAKE ACTION! The time to look to others to fix things is over…obviously.

· What about elected officials that are ignoring We the People and all the proof? We all need to push like hell until they feel enough political pain to do the right thing. We need to oust them, and we need to find and seriously support true principled conservative candidates. Do we want to spend resources or lose our country?

· Am I including elected officials in the Network? I have invited the Representative and Senator that is Chairing the Election Integrity efforts in the MI House and Senate – Ann Bollin and Ruth Johnson. Representative Julie Alexander is also doing critical work in the MI House and she reached out to me on her own. The effort she is putting forward is great and she is in the Network. I encourage you to check out the letter she sent to the MI Auditor General.

I hear from Republicans all over MI every single day. I have told the state party, and some elected officials, that something big must happen and soon, to restore the hope Republicans have in our party and in our legislature. State Party is working on Election Integrity as well.

If you want to do something right this moment to help with Election Integrity – sign up with me as per above and help the Antrim case by donating on the lawyer’s website: We all know doing what it takes to get things back on track is going to take a ton of money and all hands-on deck, for a long time period.

CAN WE COUNT ON YOU? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's Fix Stuff organization (Founder: Patrick Colbeck)

We live in an era where the dystopian worlds of George Orwell’s 1984 or Hunger Games read more and more like non-fiction rather than fiction with each passing day.

Fake news isn’t simply a hashtag. It is real. It happens every day.

Once well-respected media outlets are now simply nothing more than propaganda outlets.

Even the idea of absolute truth itself is being brought into question as people of influence push the notion that everyone experiences their own truth.

This perspective is eerily aligned with dystopian societies pushing the notion that 2 + 2 = 5.

Insidiously, there are even organizations masquerading as ministries of truth that push at best half truths and worst deliberate lies.

Big tech uses so-called “fact checkers” with political agendas to silence narratives under false claims of “violating community standards”.

Rarely do they ever specify how a post or comment has violated any standard.

Our society is being polarized because truth is being polarized.

We can’t allow this to happen. We need to make sure that we are all allowed to express our views.

Our mission at Let’s Fix Stuff is to share real news, real data, and real solutions that are increasingly being scrubbed from the public square by big tech and big government.

We give this content a home.

We go beyond broadcasting the news stories that too few will share.

We go beyond broadcasting news about all of the problems we face.

What makes us truly unique is that we promote solutions.

We promote these solutions in a way that allows each of us to connect these solutions with society’s problem.

Instead of a home improvement network, we provide a media channel for societal improvement.

With your support, we will provide a media channel that is not afraid to say that 2+2=4.

With the truth as our foundation, we will promote solutions that seek the best interests of all of us.

So spread the word. is the media channel we have all been waiting for.

The truth is indeed out there…and we are its home. (source:

more at: and CLICK HERE TO JOIN team. See too: MiGrassrootsAlliance and -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vote Biblically

Become the Voice of Faith in Your Neighborhood. Get this POWERFUL MESSAGE out to as many people as possible.

We urge you to reach out to your church, family, friends, neighbors and politicians. Encourage everyone in your sphere of influence to get the Vote Biblically message out in the public eye.

Why are we doing this? To get this very important message, "Vote Biblically," out into the hearts and minds of those who can make a difference. (source: [related: &] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TurningPointUSA (Young Conservatives/Republicans) School Clubs Young Republicans are our future... Clubs under the TurningPointUSA banner in S.E. Michigan are far too numerous to mention here, you can see them listed and garner more information about them and their School locations at:

Turning Point USA official chapters are required to sign an agreement at the start of each school year. Chapters will have the ability to manage a chapter profile to be featured on TPUSA’s website homepage. For more information on Chapter rules/agreement see: To join existing Chapter, see: To start a Chapter in your School, see:

(source: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Northville Republicans Club (NRC)

Who We Are:

Residents and former residents of Northville and the surrounding area who formed a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization, with two goals:

* Developing and advocating for legislation, regulations, and government programs to improve the liberty, freedom, and well-being of all citizens and stimulate the economy.

* Conducting research about and publicizing the positions of elected officials concerning these issues.

* We have united together in the common goal of preventing and rolling back the ever-increasing reach of government.

What We Believe:

* The strength of our nation lies with the individual and that each person’s dignity, freedom, ability, and responsibility must be honored.

* Free enterprise and encouraging individual initiative have brought this nation opportunity, economic growth, and prosperity.

* The government must practice fiscal responsibility and allow individuals to keep more of the money they earn.

* The proper role of government is to provide for the people only those critical functions that cannot be performed by individuals or private organizations, and that the best government is that which governs least.

* The most effective, responsible, and responsive government is government closest to the people.

* Americans must retain the principles that have made us strong while developing new and innovative ideas to meet the challenges of changing times. * Americans value and should preserve our national strength and pride while working to extend peace, freedom, and human rights throughout the world.

How You Can Join Us

* Come to one of our regularly scheduled meetings

* Join us at one of our public forums

* Sign up online:

* Follow us on Twitter at @NorthvilleGOP

Contact us at: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- True The Vote The 2020 election cycle was like no other. Engineered chaos was used to control outcomes. There are organizations hard at work exploiting the weaknesses of our electoral process: Actively promoting the registration and mobilization of unqualified voters, harvesting mail-in ballots that have been fraudulently collected, lobbying for same-day voter registration, non-citizen voting, no voter ID requirements, no signature verification, and fighting against cleaning the voter rolls.

Additionally, we face new forces in the form of social media monoliths like Twitter and Facebook, who have announced intentions to actively push their political agendas.

Your generous support allows us to continue working on behalf of all citizens to defend election integrity. We appreciate you!

713.401.6017 | PO Box 3109 #19128, Houston, TX 77253-3109

(source: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EveryBLM (EBLM) (the common-sense, Conservative, alternative to the #BlackLyingMarxists sham) Neil Mammon (Co-founder EveryBLM) writes.. .

The Pro-life Movement and Black Lives Matter?

Ever since Black Lives Matter came on the scene, many of our cities, corporations, and even churches and Christians have jumped on the BLM bandwagon. With the “Silence is Violence” campaign, those who are not black, are compelled to give BLM lip service because if they don't, they are attacked as racists. Yet, anyone who has been reading BLM's principles or listening to BLM’s founders, realizes that their goals and purposes of BLM are pro-abortion, atheistic, Marxist, and anti-family.

But is there an alternative? Is there a way not to be tagged as a racist?

What if, in any engagement with a BLM protester, you could up the ante and show them that you care more about black communities than they do? Today, you have that opportunity with a new organization called Every Black Life Matters, founded by executives from the Frederick Douglass Foundation.

EBLM uses the concept of Aikido, that is rather than block an opponent and absorb their force, you redirect their energy. So rather than arguing against them, EBLM focuses on solving what is plaguing black communities. They then invite BLMers to join them to fight for true justice.

For instance, rather than say “All lives matter!” which will elicit ad-hominems that you are racist, you ask a few questions e.g.

1. Do you care that inner-city kids can’t choose to go to a good school?

2. Do you care that 75% of African Americans are raised in fatherless homes due to our bad welfare programs? This leads to gangs and violence.

3. Does it bother you that a white-run organization has funded and killed 36% of all African Americans before they had a chance to be born? (Yes, we are talking about Planned Parenthood).

You can see a description of this very effective tactic in this Breitbart News video: Pro-Lifer on How He Got BLM Activists to Wear "All Black Lives Matter" Badges – Breitbart News (

Go to EBLM’s web page to find out the real reasons why the African American community is economically behind, and find out if racism caused their problems or if the government caused their problems. We need to deliver solutions. We need to help encourage and support all phases of black life, not exacerbate black plight!

EBLM will be working with legislators to change welfare, to stop it from rewarding the separation of fathers from their children, they will be pushing for school choice to save inner-city kids from failing schools. They will be working with corporations, to convince them that rather than sending money to BLM, they should send their business leaders to train our young black men to become entrepreneurs. They will be holding police training, City, Corporation, and Church training, teaching about the dangers of Critical Race Theory and the bankruptcy of “White Fragility”, while teaching citizens how to fight for legislation that builds up the African American family rather than destroy it. But most of all, they will keep the plight of our inner-city youth and the grievous loss of life squarely on the shoulders of those who have created it, mayors and governors who push socialistic policies to keep their citizenry dependent. The website is Spread the word. [more… see, rather hear, Neil Mammen (CoFounder (Executive VP)) about EveryBLM on WAAM at: also, Kevin McGary ( EveryBLM CoFounder (President)) on WAAM:

and related:] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Michigan Conservative Union (MCU) Memberships are $35 (online registration): Join MCU and learn your role in this noble struggle before the last best hope of earth slips away. Michigan