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Define FAIR! Back to Clinton-speak, depends on what the definition of "IS" is again!

#FAIR” depends on what the definition of "IS" is again!

#FAIR used to mean, in #USA, #EqualRights and #Freedom of access (#EqualOpportunity)

As with everything, The Left TWIST the language.

Now, #Democrats try to peddle the #SOCIALIST definition of #FAIR as having to mean #SpecialRights to ensure #EqualOutcomes (and that is ALWAYS, in #Socialism, tearing down to the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR not trying to Lift as many up as possible (the GREATER GOOD, which they also TWIST/DISTORT – see related: and how the Left twists even the Bible:!

#DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica #WalkAwayFromDemocratSocialists (more:

[this was/is discussed -- twisting of language: WAAM "Moment Of Clarity" (Sat's 2p) Show: (AUDIO 45m): (MOC, WAAM Sat's 2p, Listen Live: or MOC Archives:] [originally posted as an online Article in 2019: Joseph M. Lenard] Thoughts?

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