MICD12GOP Press Releases

April 22, 2021 - Demanding Action

Michigan's 12th Congressional District Republican Committee April meeting: adopted several Resolutions. Solidarity with other Districts who passed similar Resolutions that demand MIGOP take actions. ELECTION INTEGRITY & ACCOUNTABILITY Resolution puts the MICD12GOP in solidarity with Antrim County, ground zero in Dominion Voting Systems concerns fight, Resolves: irregularities MUST BE ADDRESSED, change Mich. Law where required, and Prosecution of those who broke existing Mich. Election Laws. Further, two other Resolutions, calls upon MIGOP to make clear while we may have differences of opinion/policy on some issues, can never be a/in question that the GOP, specifically here the MIGOP, is the Party of THE CONSTITUTION, DUE PROCESS, & RULE OF LAW, that Elected GOP Representatives that partake in actions outside the bounds of the Constitution will be held to account.

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