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I want to Thank the people behind this group for the "Election Integrity" section
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Jon Blupic
Jun 29, 2021
I saw in Blogs section a listing of Conservative related organizations in the area and reached out to Election Integrity Fund, Election Integrity Network, and True The Vote, related to Election Integrity issue that are listed in that Blog communique from the site operators. If the establishment political insiders in Lansing (and other State Legislatures) do not fix this issue then the Democrats will be able to copy the methods they stole the 2020 Election with over and over and will never be another fair Election in the USA ever again. The Democrats, as pointed out in another Blog on this site about HR1, are now trying to put in place an illegal Federalization of all Elections going forward making voter-id illegal everywhere (over-riding States Rights and existing State Law most States) ensuring they can cheat in perpetuity. The Motor-Voter-Law that was passed by both Democrats and Republicans and signed into Law by Bill Clinton that made it easier to Register to Vote (automatic in most States when getting a Drivers License without a Legal Residence check) also REQUIRES that the lists of Registered Voters be checked and cleaned every few years to be sure that dead people, people who moved, other people unqualified to vote in an Election be removed from the lists, but the Democrats who agreed to that condition now, as they always do, in order to get something signed into Law, ignore the parts of that and all other Laws they don't like and get Liberal Activist Judges to then basically rewrite Legislation (make sections unenforceable) illegally bypassing Legislative intent.
Jon Blupic

Jon Blupic

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